FY 18 Q1 Results Kurznachricht

FY 18 Q1 Results

Freitag, 02. Februar 2018, 20:21 Uhr

Apple hat gestern die hervorragenden Zahlen für das erste Quartal im Geschäftsjahr 2018 veröffentlicht, d.h. für den Zeitraum Oktober bis Dezember 2017, und während der Konferenzschaltung ein paar wenige Aussagen über die Retail und Online Stores getroffen.

"The December quarter was extremely busy for our retail and online stores, which welcomed 538 million visitors. Traffic was particularly strong during the four weeks following the launch of iPhone X, up 46 percent over last year. And across the quarter our stores conducted over 200,000 Today at Apple sessions, covering topics including photography, music, gaming and app development, and art and design. Just last weekend, we opened our first store in Seoul, Korea, and we’re looking forward to opening our first store in Austria in a few weeks. These newest openings will mark the expansion of our retail store presence to 21 countries." — Luca Maestri, SVP Chief Financial Officer

Abschrift: Jason Snell von "Six Colors" · https://sixcolors.com/post/2018/02/this-is-tim-transcript-of-apples-q1-2018-earnings-call/

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